Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for the Library Directory & Learning Calendar (L2) Website

User Accounts & Affiliations

Why can’t I log in into L2?

There are several possibilities:

  • If you have recently registered: New user accounts need to go through a manual confirmation process, and access may be delayed while it is being verified. You also need to verify your email address within 24 hours of creating a new account, via a link in an email sent to you by L2.
  • If you have forgotten your password, you may reset it at
  • Old L2 accounts with only a username and without an email address attached did not migrate to new site. The new site requires a unique email address to be associated with each account.
  • Due to the timing of migrating user accounts, if there were job changes in Spring or Summer 2020, that may have affected your ability to login.

I moved to a new library. Can you update my account for me?

In the past, we were able to update your account if you moved to a new library and also forgot your L2 password, and were no longer able to access your old work email account to retrieve your password. For security reasons, this is no longer technically possible. If you have changed jobs and can still log in to L2, you may update your affiliation to the new library in My Dashboard, and update your account email address/username if needed. If you have forgotten your password, you can use the password reset link on the login form to have the system send you a link to create a new password, much like most commercial websites. If you have changed jobs and are unable to go through the password reset process because you no longer have access to your old email account, the best approach is for you to create a new account. Once you have done that, please let the L2 Help Desk know that your old account and its library affiliations need to be removed.

How can I add library staff members into L2?

Your staff members can create their own accounts, or you may get the process started by completing the Create Account form. They will receive a confirmation email and will need to click the link to verify their email address. L2 support needs to approve the employee's library affiliation to make the account fully active.

Why can’t I create accounts for my staff anymore?

While this was true, now library directors (and other employees who have been designated as L2 administrators for their library) are able to add new accounts for their library's personnel. Login, go to the directory page for your library, click the Affiliations tab, and click the Add An Affiliation button.

How do I remove staff?

Library directors and other designated administrators are able to manage employee affiliations with their library. Login, go to the directory page for your library, click the Affiliations tab, and select Remove next to the individual’s name. Users with admin and manager roles have permissions to make these changes. Depending on the position (Director or other people with administrator privileges), you may need to update both the Agency-level and Building-level listings.

Library Directory

    Why is there more than one listing for my library?

    Libraries exist as legal entities as well as physical locations. The legal entity is referred to as the Agency, and the physical locations are often referred to as Buildings, but in L2 are also referred to as Locations. The Agency has its own listing with some key information about the library, and each Location has its own listing with additional information specific to that location. See Peoria Public Library for examples of Location: and Agency: The Agency listing is accessible by clicking on the purple library name above the building name in the Location listing.


    How do I list my group’s events in L2?

    Group administrators may list your group's continuing education events or meetings on the Library Learning (L2) calendar. To get set up with the proper permissions in L2, or to request assistance or written instructions, submit the form at Your group will also need to be listed in the RAILS or Illinois Heartland Library System Networking Groups Directory.

    What is a group administrator?

    Each networking/continuing education group must designate one or two group administrators for their L2 listing. The group administrator has the ability to add and manage events for their group in the event calendar. They are also able to approve members’ affiliations with their group, as well as to assign a new administrator if needed.

    Where is the learning report journal?

    The learning report journal feature, which would give you the ability to add events that did not use L2 for registration to your learning history, is not available at this time. It will be a priority when the project moves into developing new features in mid-2021.

    Annual Certification

    Where is my library’s certification form?

    If you are a library director or are the person who typically completes certification for your library, but do not see a link to the form at the top of My Dashboard, click on Edit in your Location affiliation and scroll down to the “Key Contact - Regional System” section, check "Certification Contact," and click “Save” at the bottom of the page.

    The certification form an link are available only during the annual certification period, normally the first working weekday of January through March 31.

    What if one of my library's read-only fields - including FEIN or primary building address - is incorrect on the certification form?

    The prepopulated values of several items on the certification form - including the primary building address and email, and FEIN - cannot be changed when you are completing certificaton.

    To update your library's primary building information, use the form at to contact your regional library system's certification support team.

    If FEIN is incorrect, please complete your library's certification anyway and contact the Illinois State Library at about the correction that is needed.

    L2 API (Application Programming Interface)

    How do I access the L2 API?

    Submit your request with the form at and we will respond as soon as possible to discuss your request.