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Continued use of the Library Directory and Learning Calendar (L2) Website indicates agreement to adhere to all terms, conditions, limitations, and obligations regarding the use of data that are set forth in the L2 Privacy Policy.

Library Directory and Learning Calendar (L2) Privacy Policy

The Library Directory and Learning Calendar (L2) website is hosted and administered by the Reaching Across Illinois Library System (RAILS). RAILS, the Illinois Heartland Library System (IHLS), the Chicago Public Library System (CPLS) and the Illinois State Library (ISL) are “system sponsors” of events posted on L2. Several organizations closely affiliated with the system sponsors (e.g., the system-supported shared catalog consortia, or LLSAPs, and independent networking and continuing education groups) also have status as “sponsors” on L2.


The L2 website sets cookies in your web browser. These cookies are used by us to temporarily store your login status; and to compile aggregate statistics about page views, devices and browsers used to access the site, external websites used to link into L2, date/time, and other information about user trends. Cookies are not used to track any personally identifiable information about our users.

IP Addresses

The L2 web server records the public IP address from which your computer or device is accessing the website. The L2 administrators use this information only in the course of compiling aggregate visitor statistics, to diagnose and resolve technical issues, and to otherwise administer and maintain our network.

User Account Information

The L2 account registration and affiliation forms require you to provide personally identifiable information, including name, email address, and employer. The forms also include fields for  additional personal information, such as job title and position, phone and fax numbers, biographical profile, photo or avatar image, links to social-media accounts, etc.

You can access, review and/or correct all your personally identifiable information that we collect online and maintain by going to your Profile page. You can correct factual errors in your personally identifiable information by editing your profile, or by sending us a request that credibly shows error. To protect your privacy and security, L2 administrators will take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting access or making corrections.

Your library director or another designated employee at your library may create an L2 account for you, and can access and edit the information in your account. System sponsors and library directors/designated employees may change your account’s library affiliation information to reflect changes in your employment.

The L2 administrators, system sponsors, and other sponsors will not sell users’ personal information, nor otherwise provide lists of L2 users’ email addresses or telephone numbers other than as provided for herein.

Your personal information may be displayed to logged-in users of the L2 website and sponsor websites who are affiliated with system member libraries.

Your account information is also used by sponsors in the following ways:

  • The email address and password from your L2 account may function as your username and password on system sponsor and shared catalog support websites and support ticketing systems. Other personal information, including name, may be copied from L2 accounts to the sponsor websites and be used on an opt-in basis to provide services you elect to use.
  • System sponsors may use your email address to communicate with you about system operations and services, and add your address to targeted email lists for special communications based on your library affiliation and/or position.
  • We will retain your event attendance history and use the categories and locations of events you have previously attended to make suggestions to you for other events you may be interested in attending.
  • Information from the accounts of library directors and board presidents is provided to the Illinois State Library, and the names of library directors may be publicly displayed on sponsor websites.
  • Information from user accounts may be used by the Illinois State Library and system sponsors for the purpose of confirming eligibility for library system membership, grant funding, and other regulatory requirements.
  • Sponsors use your personal contact information to confirm or cancel an event you have registered for, and may use your email address or telephone number to contact you with other information related to your registration or to respond to an inquiry from you.
  • Sponsors will provide information from your personal profile and event registrations to your library as may be necessary to bill an event registration fee to your library.
  • When you register for an event in L2, your name and contact information are added to the event’s roster (available only to the sponsor, and to the event organizer if not an L2 sponsor).
  • System sponsors and your library director (and other designated staff at your library) have access to information related to your L2 event registrations.
  • System sponsors aggregate information from user accounts and event registrations for statistical analysis.

You have the option to mark your account as Private from within your Profile page while in editing mode. If your account is marked as Private, your information will be viewable only by the system and LLSAP sponsors your library is affiliated with, and your library director or other designated staff at your library.

Financial Information

Billing for all event registrations which require payment is handled by the event sponsors, outside of the L2 website. No credit card information, check numbers, or other type of sensitive financial information is collected through L2.

Legal Compliance

The L2 administrators will release personal information we collect from and about our users when, and only to the extent that, such release is required by federal or state law.


For questions or concerns about this privacy policy, please email